About Meteorlatte

Ouji and Arafune from World Trigger

Meteorlatte is a website I originally made to host my own convenient Prince of Tennis karaoke pages, now found on Teniportal. It grew into what Teniportal is now, a tenipuri-centric resource for myself and others. Present Meteorlatte is a new project of mine, not officially affiliated with any particular fandom, where I intend to document my art and design endeavors.

About Dusty

Introducing the showrunner at Meteorlatte, Dusty.

I am an artist by passion and a web designer by trade. I enjoy drawing anime boys and formatting. My favorite series are currently World Trigger (WT) and Prince of Tennis (tenipuri), and most of my most recent content is WT-related. You will likely see more of that here.

I am also creating a webtoon called “Don’t Make Me Laugh”! It is an original BL, slice-of-life tale surrounding a college freshman who never laughs and his group of friends. Once I get six~ episodes done, I’ll begin posting it on webtoons and tapas. So far I’m only drawing out the second episode… I’ll get there.