A World Trigger FanZine…?

Trigger Off - Zine Interest Check

That’s right. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since last year. It’s even something I tried to be a part of last year, but in the end it got a little messy. Well this time I want to do it right, and do it our way, and make it amazing! We’re calling the zine Trigger Off.

I have 3 other people on board as moderators, but since it’s the very early stages I’ll respect their privacy. Currently we’re holding an Interest Check.

It is my deep desire that we can publish this World Trigger zine physically. It would be so cool to share merch we designed and art we made and stories we’ve written in a book, a physical form, in something you can hold in your hands! Besides, isn’t the idea of accessible World Trigger merch super exciting?

We can only go physical if we get enough of a response in the interest check though. We’re really hoping the World Trigger fans across the internet come through, because the people in the zine’s brainstorming server are super hyped to design merch. So hopefully that works out. Tonight we tackle social media with our interest check and new accounts! Got those usernames secured! >:)

If you would like more info, jump over to the link up there to navigate to the zine website! Or just see it here: Trigger Off Zine Website.

Looking forward to your support! ;P

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