Trigger Off

a World Trigger Fanzine

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Are you a World Trigger fan? That's great! You have fantastic taste. Maybe you'll be interested in an upcoming zine celebrating the series.

We are currently in the production period!

The zine is in production. The contributors and mods are hard at work bringing everything together. Preorders will be announced in the coming weeks.

More Info

What is a zine?

Zines (fanzines) are community-led magazines, either digital, physical, or both, usually organized online by people in a fandom. They are booklike publications that compile stuff like fanart and fanfiction from different contributors. Often fanmade merch accompanies a physical zine release. Zines are typically only available for a very limited time.

What to expect from Trigger Off

Trigger Off will be a themed fanzine. The theme is Off-Duty. It's just like the title implies— in the zine content, no one is in their trion body. Rather than combat and training, even if they're at Border, we aim to cover the characters' daily lives.