Trigger Off

a World Trigger Fanzine

Yuma with sunglasses

Zines are out for delivery!

Trigger Off is a 64-page fanzine featuring art, writing, comics, and accompanying physical merch, all the work of 24 talented contributors.

Pre-orders ran from July to August 2023, and physical copies purchased should be arriving any day now!

If you bought the zine but haven't received tracking info, reach out to the mods via discord or triggeroffzine[@]gmail[.]com

If you feel so inclined, share pictures of your unboxing on social media! Be sure to tag us @triggeroffzine on instagram, twitter, and tumblr.

More Info

What is a zine?

Zines (fanzines) are community-led magazines, either digital, physical, or both, usually organized online by people in a fandom. They are booklike publications that compile things like fanart and fanfiction from different contributors. Often fanmade merch accompanies a physical zine release. Zines are typically only available for a very limited time.

What to expect from Trigger Off

Trigger Off is a fanzine with the theme Off-Duty. It's just like the title implies—in the zine content, no one is in their trion body. Rather than combat and training, the zine covers the characters' daily lives.